1.1.2 Change Log

1.1.2 fixes The Devil's most pressing issues. We took a lot of feedback, and did our best to address everything we heard.

If you found yourself frustrated by the original version of The Devil, consider giving 1.1.2 a shot; not to toot my own horn, but it's a significantly better experience across the board.

  • Fully revamped checkpoint system. The game now offers 2 additional checkpoints, meaning you will no longer have to return to the swamp each time you die.
  • You can now quit the game by holding down the [esc] key.
  • Dead enemies can no longer be shot. Dead enemies were occasionally serving as "meat shields" for other enemies, leading to frustrating situations and wasted ammo. Enemy hurtboxes now disappear as soon as the enemy's health runs out.
  • Fixed enemy attack frame data.  Enemy hitboxes land slightly later, and hang half as long as before. These new hitboxes match up to the attack animations much better.
  • Enemies now have footstep sounds
  • Fixed scale of the player and enemies. Although it was funny to have a 4'7" main character, he is now the intended height. Same with the NPCs.
  • Adjusted camera trigger areas. Fixed places in several scenes where the camera could misbehave due to the trigger area
  • Adjusted barriers to keep the player outside of the camera's deadzones. In a few places, players could find themselves off-screen in nooks which fell just outside the camera angels. Several of these nooks have now been filled to prevent confusion.
  • Fixed issue where the cliffs at the edge of the swamp were using an incorrect texture
  • Increased texture resolution on mesh fences. I had downsampled the fence texture to half-res, but when combined with the game's low resolution, the results were too messy. So I've switched back to the original artwork.
  • Increased contrast on the statue of the Devil to ensure visibility
  • Tweaked lighting effects in several scenes
  • Fixed metal gate scale in lower residential area. The get is now the same size on both sides.
  • Various tweaks to the volume and range of sounds fx. Includes action sound fx like bullet hits, as well as a few ambient/ atmospheric sounds.
  • Revisions to the music which plays upon returning to the upper residential areas.
  • Writing revisions to the final scene.
  • Writing revisions to the repair room The worker in the repair room now says something to hint that your weapon can be cleaned even before it jams, since many players were misunderstanding this mechanic.
  • Fixed typos in the credits
  • The credits screen now leads back to the title screen. It used to go straight to the game's first scene.
  • In the Title Screen and Game Over screens, reduced the delay before the music would play.
  • When the player dies, the Game Over screen now appears a bit sooner. This reduces the wait between dying and retrying.
  • New "cheat": press F10 to die (self destruct). You probably don't want this, but I needed it to test the new checkpoint system, and we're leaving it in.
  • Adjusted colliders in some scenes. The colliders now match the scenes' visuals more accurately
  • Increased the texture's color saturation on bullet pickups. They stand out a bit more now

Hope you enjoy the improvements!

As always, please let us know about any bugs you encounter :)

~ Aaron TW


The Devil 1.1.2 (Win) 154 MB
Sep 11, 2020
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Sep 12, 2020

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Wow, now there isnt anything left of what I thought was worth critcising