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Could you possibly link me to the music you used? I'm in love with the song on the tape you find in the greenhouse.

Hi! The greenhouse cassette has this song by the band Lamp on it. In no particular order, here are the other tracks used throughout the glade.

Thank you so much!


Any chance of an invert mouse option?

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We're planning on releasing a v1.03 down the line, so I'll make sure to include this. :)




Ummmmmm i might just be being stupid but how do i grow the flowers.....?

I find the blue and red orbs but i cant put them anywhere except the red pot? help please??? But this seems like a very relaxing game!


You should be able to place the red orbs into the garden beds inside the greenhouse, to grow flowers. Placing blue orbs in the grass will grow seed trees. :)

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Hahaha yup just my stupidity! Great job with this game i love finding the new designs of flowers thier all sooooo PRETTY!!!! Thanks for making the game its awesome keep up the amazing work!!! <3 :D


This is so sweet! I loved bouncing the ball around to good tunes. Very relaxing.