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This is great for what it is. If somebody went into this expecting a fighter game, I can see why they'd be disappointed, but I knew what I was going in for and I loved all of it. Bravo.


It was short like my peepee 


Bizarre and so much fun. Had a great time with it! The black and white template was a good choice.

-Made a Video.

-The Game: 00:06 (The 1st Game)

i love this

Good Game man!

It's a really nice game! Cheers to everyone!




A great example of how to properly present a story in a game

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I broke the game XD i give my opinion at the end of the video!


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid (the game is the third there):


1. Art style is magnificent! Reminds me a lot of Samurai Jack.


1. Very short. There is nothing to interact with or to inspect or investigate.


I liked the visuals, but the experience did not impress me as a game. It felt unfinished and strange. The player was not involved, had little responsibilities for the character and the lore was lacking. Personally, I was not impressed but I had a good laugh playing it (because of the horsies)).

Hope my feedback was useful! 


But the horses, whyyy?? They just wanted to gallop freely in a field! Like everyone else said, VERY SHORT, but I'm loving the style! Controls could be a bit more sensitive, felt sorta slow moving. If there was more, that'd be awesome!

Good work!


This was a really nice game,  but it was too short

This game was definitely very interesting. It kinda got me at the end, and I kinda wish it was longer as the atmosphere in it was pretty good! In case anyone wants to see, here is the video I did on it.


I really enjoyed this game’s style; it’s so much easier to take traditional horror game roads. I did unfortunately, get caught in the environment at one point, but... hey, it happens. I’d like to see a bigger release.

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Such a cool and interesting experience! Click the Pic to watch my video!
Click the Pic to watch my video!


Really interesting and cinematic, great work!

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Very short, I would've enjoyed it more if it was longer and there were some more mechanics but I enjoyed the art style and I really didn't expect that ending! Left me wanting to know what happened to the village beforehand! I featured this game in my video, where I play 3 scary games!


I really liked the art style and visuals of this game. I thought it was going to be longer, but I actually think it was the perfect length for what it was trying to convey.


Surprisingly packed story for such a short game!I loved the retro theme but what does the ending mean?
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oh my god, that was like movie, soooooo amazing,

the visuals and the graphics fuuuuuuck


I really liked the style of this game! I was very confused by the ending though lol. Great game! 


Played your game in an indie romp i made. Hope you enjoy.

Your game starts at 5:22


I can honestly say that i did not expect the horses. This was a fascinating little experience, very well-made. I would love to see more done in this style. 


I thought the game started fine and looks like it's going to be a short 3d slashing game. But then you meet dead horses lying everywhere, stuff on fire, a guy in pain barfed out of a horse, and he gets killed XDDDD I don't know. I don't know why it's so funny now but the first time I played I thought it was so weird. Still a neat concept. 3 min video. 


Cool short little game! (This is the second game I play on this video!) Needless to say, I should probably brush up on Japanese folklore a bit more lol but neat experience regardless!


short and very interesting experience. This is my Italian gameplay 


3 Scary Games? What in the world was I thinking? We take a look at Dia, Chōjirō and Bleakshore today. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? One game usually goes just FINE!


Really cool and really original! I've never played something like this. Sadly it was really short, I'd absolutely love to see more or maybe even a longer version!


Awesome visuals! Really original and very different from any other game I've seen on this site.  Definitely interested in seeing more from you.  Cheers!


erm i thought this was a game not a short a film if you ever upload any more films on this website under the veil of gameplay there will be serious consequences


I like this games camera angle. unfortunately its cut short, but its a SOLID game.

I'm currently making a series where I play every game submitted to the Wretched Weekend Jam, and yours was the second game I played!

I really, really enjoyed the art style and the way the story was carried without dialogue or any text.

It is more of visual novel than a game, but hell, I loved it either way!

Here's my video for those interested (time stamps in description):


To be honest, I wish I could do more. I enjoyed it but I just wanted to interact with objects. I wanted to know why he slayed the horse.


Very short but very cool. Great visuals and makes me want to know more.


awesome short game

Short and sweet! Love it. 

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Interesting little experience! I feel like this was more of an art piece than a game but I loved the art and sound nonetheless. Love to see more work!

(Second game in the video above starting at 11:58)


Interesting short game, I liken this to a short story in game format. Feels like there is a lot of lore that can be developed out of this concept, I look forward to more of your work!

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